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"I have always been fascinated by Old Hollywood and it’s fabulously precocious celebrities…I have found a new means of endless research. Historiful is a true work of art in itself and [this] makes it hard to look away…"

-Taylor Donahue, Photographer

Historiful captures a past life, a reminder that life is [constantly] beautiful.” 

-An Historiful follower

"History is often painted in blood and tears, yet Historiful is determined to show the beautiful side that is often overlooked…"

-Lesley C. Duke, student, CSU Fullerton

Dear lovelies,

One girl. One passion. One past.  HISTORIFUL is your daily dose of Old Hollywood glamour, style, and culture.  Established in March 2010 as an effort to make history more accessible to the public, HISTORIFUL has since bloomed into a widely recognized visual dedication to the splendor, beauty, and lost charm of yesteryear. 

Historiful also emphasizes the preservation of vintage culture within our modern society. Historiful is itself an art; the photographs that you view are selected carefully with attention to light, contrast, color, and mood. Historiful seeks to stand out on its own from an ordinary history blog. Although historical photographs and articles are generally posted, many modern photographs are also given attention in order to bridge the gap between the old and the new. After all, one cannot understand his or her own time period, if he or she fails to acknowledge the achievements, beauty, and splendor of the past. 

Upon starting Historiful, I never knew how successful I would be just by following my passion and drive for studying the past. Yet, in just over a year, Historiful has secured thousands of followers from around the globe, as well as praise and interest from upcoming typographers, designers, fashion critics, and photographers and film societies, such as the Humphrey Bogart Estate, the George Eastman Housethe LA Times Magazine, the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies, American Masters (PBS),  Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire magazine, Tamar Levine, a Los Angeles-based photographer, and Kim A. Thomas, a Kelowna, British Columbia-based photographer.

From May 2011 to September 2012, Tumblr declared Historiful as a spotlight history blog, featuring it in its new and ongoing 
directory alongside the New York Public Library, LIFE, The Art Institute of Chicago’s “Windows on the War” exhibition blog, the American Presidential Libraries and Museums, and Lapham’s Quarterly.

As of July 2013, Historiful has surpassed 130,000 followers, and it continues to grow. I am ultimately pleased to know that Historiful has climbed its way up from a simple idea to a blossoming creation. 

Thank you for visiting Historiful! I appreciate your interest and support very much, and I am highly interested in providing quality content and satisfaction to my followers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, you may always send me a message via the ask feature.

Be graceful and elegant, dearies!


*The views expressed by authors of the articles or any symbolism in the photographs and/or artwork posted here do not necessarily reflect my own personal views. All material is left to individual interpretation.